Monday Blues

I woke up with a terrible feeling, maybe I had a bad dream or possibly my stomach was upset? I felt like throwing up, this is my typical Monday morning! Basically, I hate Mondays. I had a late Sunday hanging out with family, discussions, gossips were soaring. I lost track of time as usual hitting the sack very late.

More and more adults as well as parents are worried that your productivity is affected if you do not get a proper sleep. You are not efficient enough if you do not get fully relaxed. We need to have a proper sleep pattern, sleep at a sensible time! Sometimes, you are enjoying the weekend, and think you will handle the Monday blues but they get you!

Now, what to do when you feel like sleeping on a dull Monday? You can drink lots of cold water, or splash some on your face! That will bring you in a chilled mood. While some days the water is so cold, I think for two minutes before touching it. Water is freezing and it wakes me up in an instant! You can have tea or coffee. Make it yourself, that will be better, rather than order it from the tea shop. You can open the windows, let the breeze come in, it will freshen you up!

Although there is a lot of work on Monday, you are too busy, you’ve got the pending work from Sunday as well, but Monday is just not the best day of the week.

When I asked a busy university student Kiran, she said, ‘I feel nothing special about Mondays since my weekends are busy too!’

While when an office going person was asked she said, ‘hmmm Monday? Weekend yaad ata rehta hai!’ (I keep remembering the weekend!)

Babar, who goes to office as well, says,’Monday mornings are good if they are regular and of course starting of the week gives you a feel for new achievements!’. That is very positive and energizing to start a Monday, getting up with a new promise to achieve more and more!

The best thing you could do to wake yourself up, which works for me at least! You could call up an old friend, talk to them! The ultimate wake up technique is writing and reading, maybe reading the news or office reports? Or write a long email to a friend!

If all this isn’t helpful, then you should count your blessings today because you’re off from your respective institutes and offices! I have work!


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