Afridi Never Retired In My Heart

I have been seeing Shahid Afridi playing cricket since forever. When I was a kid, I used to watch him with fascination. I used to wait for his appearance on the screen, and when he came to the ground, my first words would be sixer please! He has said his favorite shot is anywhere for six with a grin on his face! When Afridi comes to play, I see people holding banners saying boom boom, which means he will come with a bang and create explosion!  And how he did!

He has taken more than 300 wickets, scored more than 6500 runs in one day internationals. Some time ago, Afridi had decided to retire because he was not satisfied with issues going on in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

One of his diehard fans, Abeera says, ‘Afridi’s retirement was just a vent out of his anger because everyone knew he would take his decision back as soon as his anger settles down. We want him back immediately now. We have missed him’

Many people such as former cricketers and fans were delighted when recently Afridi reverted his decision to retire. To play, he needs a clean chit by the PCB stating that he is fit to play for the team.

Right now, the Pakistan team is playing against Sri Lanka in UAE. We need Afridi there to turn on the magic. The sole reason for me to watch cricket is only him. Although he stated that he never ran after captaincy, he just wants to represent his country and can play under anyone. We want him back as captain to represent us, our people!

I’ll guarantee that Pakistan only wishes him the best, want him back again in the team, and see him play for the next coming years! We want him to be at ease when he is playing, no pressure, just prayers and good luck on his way. He has been in our lives as a true hero, an icon. The elite Shahid Afridi will return, more promising than before, with talent beyond measure!


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