How It Feels To Win

To be victorious you have to be the best in what you do. I have been through the phase of being totally low, touching the bottom and then suddenly being on top of the world. It is the best feeling to have people come up to you and repeating to you what you have achieved, your stories of being the best, how you inspire them. For you to win, you need to have achievements, which require hard work and passion. When you are in middle of your task, the feeling which keeps you going is that the end result is going to be fantastic and positive.

Sunny* says, ‘When I win my collar gets high, my shoulders get wide, I feel delightful with pride!’

Of course, the initial feelings you get are filled with joy and happiness, sustaining your win is the true hardship. For some people, they keep getting success after small time periods while for others they have to wait for a long time, but it’s worth the wait since what they achieve in the end is big! For example, in exams, students study all year, the result comes in the end, if they have worked hard enough, they will be flourishing.

Fareeha* says, ‘I get happy, I feel I’m on target. I get the feeling I can do it, especially when someone appreciates!’

When someone understands and values your hard work realizing how much time you have put to complete your responsibility, it is also a kind of victory!  Do remember, success sometimes makes you arrogant and overconfident. You have to be humble and kind, captivating and charismatic, as well as have a nature which is appealing and not leading people to leave your presence!

Winning gives you a platform to improve yourself, be better than before, hear advices but weighing out its pros and cons and lastly when you look at your previous victories, it motivates you to be the best in your next ones!

*Names changed for privacy.


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