Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon Final Part

Comic # 9

Chirya chuk gae khaith

Well, this comic features Jack Sparrow meditating and assembling himself! What is the point of this comic? If KG is trying to criticize Johnny Depp’s whole character then they should check again because his income and success is greater than anyone. His acting is outclass, he grabs attention of his audience and has been unbeaten for a long time. The content is just thumbs down, you guys! I’ll give this one 1 star since graphics of the image saved the comic!

Comic # 10

Pain in the arse. Literally

This reminds you the old days when Kermit the Frog and Barney used to rule! Sufi’s hand is up in the puppet, how painful that must be thus the name of the comic. This comic made me realize what friends do to you, make you feel horrible about yourself, so that you strive to be better. It had the right amount of energy while liveliness was on the edge. I’ll give this one 4 stars since it was humor with sarcasm, giving me a strong message!

Comic # 11

What is a butt to you?

This one got me thinking, I thought KG was talking about the ‘but’ from the English language! Well, dudes, sickening this is and totally crossing the line but if it brings a smile to a limited number of people, then I’ll just say whatever you do just make sure you are content and happy! I got amused by this one, sure, but I want to be pleased to an extent where I feel that it balances out with graphic, content and quality! 2 stars since I like the expressions given by the characters in this one!

Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 1

Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 2


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