Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 2

Comic # 5

What RedBull does to you

Now this is classic humor which is going to be enjoyed by many! This comic is all about the repetitive RedBull ad with the same boring tag line ‘RedBull gives you wings!’. While the drink does make you feel light in your head, it also has the ‘bling’ effect as shown in the comic, that is, it gives side effects. This is basically an attempt for ‘dry humor’ which the KG team has successfully done, up till now. I’ll give it 3 stars since it didn’t have the right amount of ‘bling’ for me!

Comic # 6

Commanda ki shaamat

Once again destroying the image of an icon whose a household name for many people, most importantly children. I do not understand the concept behind ruining someone’s name, and making it sound funny. KG needs to do some evaluation on where they are going wrong. Saying they love Pakistan but wrecking its name. That is poor. I’ll give this 1 star mostly because I do not believe in being hypocritical about my feelings!

Comic # 7

Recession hits hard

This comic features Wolverine, a comic superhero utilizing his basic talent. Most people don’t care much about superheroes since they aren’t real but for the amusement of kids or in some cases adults, why do they have super powers beyond imagination? This fact just leaves me feeling lame that what kids are made to believe is just pure trash. KG is promoting foreign not local people once again, maybe they want to move out of Pakistan? It’s an issue KG needs to resolve. I’ll give it 4 stars for humor!

Comic # 8

Vader is not Badass

Sarcasm is the key to make someone feel radiant with laughter. This comic featured above was just an attempt to bully or what you call making someone feel inferior. Do remember, laughing at someone while definitely bite you back some day! This joke is old now, we need something fresh! Yes, I need to take it lightly but you should realize what you are putting in front of the public. KG has built up great expectations for everyone, they need to maintain it. Wittiness and humor with smartness is what they need! 3 stars from my side since I like Sufi in this one!

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