Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 1

I’m sure when fans wake up, they don’t say good morning, they say Kachee Goliyan! Yes, that is how crazy we have gotten. Kachee Goliyan is doing an event Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon on October 16th in Karachi, Pakistan which will be a first of its kind. In this event, the KG team will go to a different location each time a comic is uploaded. This will happen for 12 hours in which 12 comics will be uploaded. Choosing different locations was only so the fans can meet the KG team which comprises of Ramish Safa and Nofal Khan, who are JC and Sufi. Literally!

You will be delighted as well as be amazed seeing the KG team’s talent and how much hard work they have done to put all of this together! Right here, those 12 comics will be given 5 stars by me or just torn apart.

Comic # 1:

Agha Juice wala

The juice owner looks like Hitler as implied and written in Urdu that Jews are available, Sufi is pointing out the irony that Hitler as in Agha juice wala is not even getting the point that he is a look-alike as well as selling juice but giving out the message of selling Jews on his banner. Making fun of the innocent juice owner is hilarious. No one is stupid but you have to laugh when this kind of situation occurs! 4 stars by me!

Comic # 2

Wonder Woman goes Paki

Well, this one is rather over the top! It’s sad how the creators of KG refer women as tools to play with and make them as objects. Personally, this comic is not my favorite. It has Wonder Women as a piece to look at with JC and Sufi having big grins on their faces, it’s not giving out a good message to everyone out there. I enjoy a good laugh like anyone else but do be practical, you guys! You won’t appeal to a large audience. If you just want to focus on the age group 18 to 22 then it’s your choice! 1 star only!

Comic # 3

If Sponge Bob was a Tampon

I don’t understand what the KG team is trying to prove? Are they fond of these kinds of fixations? What are they trying to promote by talking on personal matters of women? I was so disappointed when I read this one. Making Sponge Bob as they have, portraying it like this in their comic was totally low of them! The cruelty of the matter is how they have mismanaged the whole issue by making the cartoon so scary and depressing. The content is not standing out for me, it’s more like dull! I don’t think people will enjoy these kinds of things out in the open. Sense of humor should be amusing not shoot yourself in the head irritating!  1 star dudes!

Comic # 4

Baba Jee k dhokay

This is a general issue that KG has taken up depicting a light version of the reality going on in Pakistan. Beggars are conning us into giving them money and sometimes food or things. Beggars harass people, merely knocking on the doors of their home to give them cash, aggressively tapping on windows of cars while speaking frighteningly ill words. This Baba Jee is just a small bit of the whole money making industry of begging.  KG has brought up an old but sensible issue that is don’t judge someone by the exterior till you know the whole story! 3 stars!

Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 2

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