Consequences of Mistakes

I generally am a perfect person, I do not commit mistakes. This is the line you hear from a lost case, since everyone has been through the suffering of a mistake. Paying the price is the most awful part. What comes after a mistake is the consequence which you have to face. Some people are smart, they never tell their mistake, they keep it to themselves, not even sharing with an ally. What stupid people do is they tell a friend who passes on the gossip to the whole world.

Some people believe sharing a mistake will take the burden off your chest but what I believe is that telling more people will make you get into heated discussions with them, they get angry at you, scold you or lecture you, what is the point?

Yes, if the mistake is serious as in fatal and you can’t handle it alone, you can consult others. That will be the right thing to do obviously. Sometimes you feel alone and feel that no one can help you but you have to reach out because in the end, you will be in pain. Only if you feel you can’t get out of something, then I recommend, share it or else move on, ask forgiveness from God. Sincerely, that is.

Mistakes give you experience, so that whenever a similar situation occurs, you remember the previous time and be alert. Mistakes are a part of life. The biggest asset of mistakes is the learning element which remains with you forever.

Some people never learn, they keep repeating an error. Do they have an issue or they just forget? That is one mystery I want to solve. No matter how much you want to make them understand, talk your heart out into making them feel that what they have done is wrong, they do not listen, but follow their own will. You just have to be patient and consistent. One day you will proudly say I’m one of those who learned from others’ experiences which helped me in not committing a mistake of my own!


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