When I First Learned To Drive

Accelerator is the best element of the vehicle. My favorite it is. I love to give full race, reach up to 200 km/h. Yes, I realize it is very less but I just don’t want to take risk against my life. When I first sat on the driving seat of a car, I was just 7. Although the engine was off I used to push the paddles, clutch, break and play with the gear. The car was manual, you guys, not automatic so I had more items to play with. I used to just love exploring every component of the car.

When I was 15, I finally got the courage to ask my father to teach me how to drive. His answer? You’re too young. Well, it took about 6 months of pleading and finally he took me out for a drive on an empty ground. I started the car while pressing clutch and let it go while slowing pressing accelerator. The car went forward with a jolt and switched off. Well, first attempt. Failed. Numerous attempts later I made the car move for about 10 meters. Success.

Every Sunday, I used to take the car out under my dad’s supervision. Finally after some time, I learned properly and used to drive alone but only near my house. Not too far. My mom is very protective. Not about me, about the car.

Well, I realize many think that women do not know how to drive. I don’t agree to that. I have seen my mother as well as women on the road drive with ease. Yes, we like to look pretty but when driving, our eyes are always on the road. Yes, we have highlighted hair but we always park the car correctly. Of course, we are mere humans, we can commit mistakes, we should be allowed space for that.

My experience as a kid I’m sure would be similar to you all while my experience as a teenager is kind of unique except with my elder sister. Her experience is exactly same as mine. Not kidding. Unique or not. Memories remain.


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