Kachee Goliyan – Local Comic

Kachee Goliyan is the new scene here in Pakistan. You can call them one of the best, actually, the best Pakistani comic as yet. They describe themselves as ‘wehshiness and metaphysics’ which according to me means that they are in their natural environment which is ‘wild’ and out of this world. They are care-free and uncivilized. They are JC and Sufi.

Kachee Goliyan is about two guys, my personal favorite JC and Sufi, the adorable one, who love to get dirty with society, world and the people. If you have read the comics you will know how they make you understand the social message as well as take it on the hilarious side. They tell you what is wrong and correct it with a funny statement. They just amuse you to death.

They love to interact with their fans. Oh, I mean the PANKHAS on Facebook (link given below) with comics like ‘Khali jagha pur kareinand what not. You have to understand their thinking; they just want you to give the advantage of being completely out of your mind laughing plus understand their point of each and every comic as well, which they have successfully done.

Right now, Yaar Scene Hogaya. Not mine, this is the name of their series. It’s going great plus gets you remembering your own experiences as well which have definitely happened at one time or another.

Kachee Goliyan is viral, people. Addictive plus gets you ‘hooked up’. Apologies for being cheesy.

Check out their Facebook page to become their PANKHA!!:


Plus do follow them on Twitter for updates:




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