Ali Zafar ki Dulhan

It felt so good to see Ali Zafar on the big screen doing his most excellent performance up to date. When I thought of going to the cinema, I knew instantly it would be a complete Masala movie.

“Kesa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai”. This was one of the best songs along with “Madhubala” sung by Ali Zafar. It had the right amount of spice and bhangra which will have you moving to the tune. The songs were the best factor of the movie. They were very well choreographed and picturized. Kudos to Bosco-Ceaser for their commendable effort of taking out the best from their actors and dancers.

The movie is about Luv(Ali Zafar) who wants to now settle down. He asks his brother Kush(Imran Khan) to find him a girl. Of course it’s the heroine, Dimple(Katrina Kaif) which Kush eventually finds for his brother and ends up falling in love with her himself.

As far as the acting is concerned, Ali Zafar took away the limelight. He was just incredible and fascinating to watch. As Taran Adarsh from BollywoodHungama writes, “Ali Zafar is a supremely talented actor and this film proves it yet again”. Yes, it proved and on many levels as well. He is a good singer, dancer and actor. The way he gripped the comic timings was first-rate. He was hilarious and handled the situations well.

For Kat, please attend acting classes, you really need them. The way she pretended to be the wild Kat, it was really unconvincing. Her “Dhunki” failed to impress me as she was too fake. For Imran, you did an all right job but still I was expecting more from you. I can’t watch more roles of you which are similar to “Break Ke Baad” or “I Hate Luv Storys”.

The name of the movie should have been titled Ali Zafar ki Dulhan since Ali was the best part, actually the only part you will enjoy the most. I recommend this movie definitely. Go and watch it. It’s a full on masti plus entertainer for all ages.


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