Beauty Is Within Me

Since the very beginning, when I was old enough to hold a brush, I used to put blush on my cheeks. It was all pinkish. At that time, it was one of my favorite colors and still is. My initial thoughts when I used to see actresses on TV were that you have to be pretty from the face, have gorgeous hair and be just perfect. Now I realize the exterior just fades away with time, but what you are inside is what really matters.

You should have a charismatic personality where your qualities should excel everyone. Now you’re thinking, how can I have those? Here’s how:  When you speak, words should be flowing, there shouldn’t be any breaks, and of course you can take some time to think. Do remember always think before you speak. Keep your points in mind and say them accordingly. Once I was in a group discussion for an entrance exam for a university, I was just speaking my mind and even though it was not related to the topic at all, I still passed. What I did was that I spoke confidently and never let the other person know that what I was saying may not be related.

For being beautiful inside you have to be honest, kind and especially humble. Even if you have one of these qualities, you will stand out from others. Everyone will know that you are one person who will help them in need. You do not have to announce it to the world but just do it for your own satisfaction. Perform small deeds of kindness with sincerity with no expectations. That will make you go forward and outshine you from others.

I do agree with the fact that people judge you by the way you look, but when they get to know you, the outer surface will be secondary. Your ideas and what you speak will only matter. What you speak and how you speak, your characteristics will generate beauty within you so feel pretty every day of your life because you know that you are.


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