I Love Pakistan

I live in Pakistan and I’m proud. This phrase should be said by every Pakistani. Some people feel shameful and often move to other countries. Sometimes they don’t feel safe here due to recent riots happening in different parts of the country. I don’t think one should leave their hometown if it’s in crisis but should just support their nation.
Pakistan will be 64 this year. It’s a great feeling. I cannot believe Pakistan has come this far. It has seen its share of problems and faced its share of setbacks but it always strikes back. Pakistan is very special for me mainly because it’s my mother country and it has taught me a lot.

What my country taught me has been very useful. It’s given me experience, contributed to my skills and given me excitement to live my life. The best thing about Pakistan is its people. They are humble, kind and very devoted.  They have been cooperative not only to their friends but to complete strangers as well.

Pakistan has beautiful cities. Be it Murree, Naran, Kaagan or Gilgit. We can enjoy beautiful sceneries. We can travel by road as well. The highways are very well made and very well maintained. You can go with huge amounts of people or with a few friends.  It’s interesting for sure.

Pakistan has also created good sources of entertainment for all. Be it restaurants, cafes, lounges, dhabbays or shopping malls. Enjoyment is guaranteed for all. There are water parks as well as parks for jogging and exercising.

Although there has been some mishaps, Pakistan is still the same, the old one which Quaid-e-Azam made. Love it, live it, dream in it and you will be successful.



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