Children ‘trained’ for what?

Humanity. This is the basic training you can give to your child. Showing kindness towards others is a habit very difficult to adopt. Being selfless, that’s a tricky one. A child should be taught to be happy, relaxed and satisfied first and then make others happy. They should not be guided wrongly that make yourself uncomfortable when trying to help others. You should be at ease yourself first if you’re going to be useful for someone in need.

Children these days have forgotten moral values. Basically parents forget to teach them. Parents are in the race of having the ‘most’ educated child having the most A*s in their exams. Having the most qualified child in the market is the fashion today. Admitting their children in the most popular school and even though their children may not have the basic values and principles of being a good human being but should be having 15 A*s. Now this kind of teaching and upbringing will only bring up negative attitudes and personalities. Children should be taught that we all are one, we should respect and care for each other. No one is above or beneath us. If someone is poor or physically challenged, they shouldn’t be degraded or made fun of. We should be making friends and not enemies.

Respecting elders especially teachers is also forgotten. Even if someone is one minute older, they should be respected. Youngsters also need to be valued in their own way. The initial training which is given to children is what they take with them throughout their life. If a child is given a choice, they will not know what is wrong or right because they are not aware of it.

What parents need to do is be role models for their children thus this will give the children living examples of what they need to be and live like in the future.


3 thoughts on “Children ‘trained’ for what?

  1. t says:

    Amen. And parents ARE role models for their children, whether they realize it or not. Whether they care to be or not, i should say. For me, “leadership by example” is not so much a concept to be embraced or denied as it is a mere fact of life. Your children WILL follow your lead.

    Thanks for sharing!


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