Baat Pakki

Don’t you get curious when suddenly your mom becomes extra sweet? Well, hold your breath it’s time for your ‘Baat Pakki’ also known as your engagement. Lately, it’s been a problem for girls but now boys are in it too. Mom wants you to get committed and settled down as soon as possible. Mom, can I know the reason?. All of a sudden your bed is made, your things are proper, your clothes get ironed without being asked. Mommy is being extra sensitive about your feelings because for girls you have to leave home now and for boys you have to share your home.

For some girls and boys, their opinion is asked to choose their life partner. In some cases, a picture is shown or a live meeting is done to decide right then and there if you are going to be happy with that person or not. It’s a lifetime decision, we cannot take it so quickly.

Most girls or boys get engaged at a very young age, mostly in their  teens. They have not even completed their studies yet and have the burden of being in a relationship. Most of them, be it a girl or boy get possessive, there are many misunderstandings and fights. Don’t you think this is a little too much for teenagers? Let them be adults first and then give them such responsibilities and problems to tackle. Even if they do get married, be it arrange or love, they have already spent so much time together that they don’t have anything left to do.

The case in Pakistan is that arrange marriages are very common. Arrange marriage is where your parents select your life partner.  They have proved to be very successful in the past, but now the success rate is falling. Sometimes, the mental level does not match maybe due to different family backgrounds or there is a huge age difference or one of them is better so there are jealousy issues and hence couples get separated.

So if you feel like you are given exceptional and creepy attention by your parents. RED ALERT! Trouble ahead!! Be careful.


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